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Ram Dass Raz

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$45 per 5g
$45 per 5g
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Blue Raspberry 

5 grams total. 20 pieces, 0.25 per piece.

Microdose: 1 gummy (.25g)
Unlock your Brain: 2-4 gummies (1.0g)
Talk to Aliens: 5-10 gummies (2.5g)
Transcend Dimensions: 11+ gummies (2.5g+)
Mind Reset aka Heroic Dose: 1 Bag (5g)

Wait 30-60 min to feel full effect. Do not operate or drive while getting LYT.

This LYT bag has 5.0g of shrooms, take all of it to go on the trip of a lifetime or split it with a friend to share the experience!

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